Garnier SkinActive Super Purifying Charcoal Sheet Mask Review

For over a century, Garnier has managed to create advanced and accessible skincare to answer all your beauty needs. Recently, Garnier has launched a brand new sheet mask infused with charcoal to help minimize pores’ look, refresh, and purify the skin.

While Garnier has been known for its skin care for women, that has changed in recent years.  Garnier not only has hair care targeted for men, but they now have skincare designed for the skin needs of men.  

Some Garnier products work equally well for men and women.

Enter the Garnier SkinActive Super Purifying Charcoal Sheet Mask. This charcoal sheet mask is the newest sheet mask to enter the skincare arena. With its algae and charcoal extract to purify and detoxify the skin while giving it the detoxification and hydration it needs. 

Before you head out and rush to the store to get your hands on these new masks, let us first tell you about the masks’ features, benefits, pros, and cons.


Whether you work at your desk, are at home with the kids, or you work hard and play harder, your skin will benefit from charcoal sheet masks.

Looking after your skin doesn’t need to be complicated with men’s skincare from Garnier. You’ll want to start with the basics: clean your skin daily. Then 1 – 2x a week apply a sheet mask.

Pure Active charcoal is formulated to banish blackheads and reduce excess oil. The Garnier SkinActive Super Purifying Charcoal Sheet Mask will help your skin feel fresh and energized every day.  You’ll feel more confident when your skin is healthy and energized.


Toxins from all over the world end up clogging our pores throughout the day. When your pores are not visible, your skin complexion isn’t visible either. When used as the main ingredient in a face mask, activated charcoal sticks to dirt and helps suck it out of your pores, leaving them less visible. Leaving your face feeling and looking fresh and energized.

There are tons of harsh environmental factors like pollution and debris can harm the skin over time, leaving the complexion dull and tired. Sometimes, to solve this problem, a facial cleanser is not enough. And what will help? A charcoal face mask can help to minimize dull skin appearance and increase luminosity.

Algae extract 

Algae is not considered a traditional product for skincare, but it has been used for thousands of years to calm, cool and heal the skin. It has been named the “most powerful hidden ingredient of the ocean.”

Because of its ability to instantly hydrate and condition the skin, it makes it a perfect choice in men’s skin care routines. You will observe a more fresh, hydrated skin that is smooth to the touch after using products containing this ingredient.

Hyaluronic acid

Hyaluronic acid is a sugar that retains water and helps keep it hydrated and plump, occurring naturally in our skin. In our bodies, the Hyaluronic Acid retains its weight in water a thousand times to preserve all the hydration in our skin and prevent evaporation.

Just like collagen and elastin, the amount of naturally-occurring hyaluronic acid in our bodies decreases as we get older. One way to replenish hyaluronic acid is to wear sheet masks with hyaluronic acid so you can recover all the hyaluronic acid you lost during the day.


Garnier is pulling out all the stops to give you the fresh, clear skin that you deserve. With quality ingredients like these, you can rest easy knowing that your skin is hydrated and fresh. But before you get one of these sheet masks, let’s talk about the benefits.

The mask removes dirt from your face.

Charcoal is an effective anti-oxidant and can pull all the pollutants that may clog your pores. Clogged pores are the biggest culprit of dull and dry skin. The Garnier SkinActive Super Purifying Charcoal Sheet Mask is the product just for you.

Trapped dirt doesn’t just rob your skin of its natural glow. It also may develop into acne, blackheads, and whiteheads. Trapped dirt may cause skin irritation and may be carrying acne-causing bacteria, which may lead to bumps, redness, and swelling. Garnier SkinActive Super Purifying Charcoal Sheet Mask is the perfect mask if you want to protect yourself from acne.

It also hydrates your skin.

After the charcoal has done its job and has pulled all the impurities from your face, the algae extract works its hydrating magic. The algae extract a rich source of natural polysaccharides with a proven ability to enhance the skin’s barrier function, replenish the skin’s natural water reservoir, and increase its hydration-retention capabilities.

After the Garnier SkinActive Super Purifying Charcoal Sheet Mask pulls out all the gunk and oil from your pores, the algae extract works to fill in all the hydration you lost the day. This is what makes it perfect after such a long day at work in front of a screen.

The mask works as a great anti-aging face mask.

Speaking of hydration, did you know that your computer screen’s radiation can dry out your skin? You may notice some dark bags under your eyes or some wrinkles forming on your forehead, or maybe you’re starting to notice that you are looking stressed. 

The Garnier SkinActive Super Purifying Charcoal Sheet Mask also provides anti-aging nourishment for your skin. By inhibiting enzymes that break down the collagen on your face, you can say goodbye to dry fine lines in just twenty minutes. It’s so simple, you don’t even need to leave your home.

The Garnier SkinActive Super Purifying Charcoal Sheet Mask is not like other masks in the market. This is a mask giving you not just one, not just two, but three benefits with just one product. Now that’s a steal! But we’re not only here to sing praises. We’re here to provide you with the whole picture. And what fair, unbiased review would be complete without a list of pros and cons


  • It’s a total steal!

As we’ve discussed previously, there isn’t another sheet mask on the market to give you the results of three different products in one unique package. No more buying anti-aging creams, hydrating serum, and an exfoliator when you can buy the Garnier SkinActive Super Purifying Charcoal Sheet Mask.

This is a mask that will not only save you money and time but also space. Without all that clutter, you will have a more streamlined bathroom. It’s an item perfect for men who live in small apartments or those who have to share a medicine cabinet with someone else. With all the benefits of three products in just one compact package, nothing can compete.

  • It deeply cleanses your skin.

After removing your Garnier SkinActive Super Purifying Charcoal Sheet Mask, you may notice some white spots. That is all the oil on your face containing all the dirt and free radicals your face has accumulated over the day. That is proof of the deep cleaning powers of this sheet mask.

Every crevice, nook, and cranny this sheet mask will pull out the dirt hiding under your pores. And it doesn’t stop there. The serum on this sheet mask will create a hydrating barrier to ensure the dirt doesn’t return. This amazing mask gets you clean and also ensures to keep your skin clean.

  • This is one great face mask made out of all-natural ingredients.

Garnier doesn’t just care for your skin. It also cares about the environment. By choosing to use natural ingredients like algae extract and activated charcoal, the Garnier SkinActive Super Purifying Charcoal Sheet Mask is not just right for you but good for the earth.

Skincare products with chemical ingredients tend to use chemical processes to make these products. The production process only pumps more chemicals into the air and water, further poisoning the earth. When you wear this sheet mask, you can rest easy when you know that your skin health doesn’t come at the environment’s cost.

Now, you know all about the pros of the Garnier SkinActive Super Purifying Charcoal Sheet Mask, it’s time to talk about its cons.


  • The product may be too aggressive if you have super sensitive skin.

Now, if you have sensitive skin, this product might not be for you. The Garnier SkinActive Super Purifying Charcoal Sheet Mask works best for oily or acne-prone skin. If your skin doesn’t produce an excess amount of oil, this sheet mask might not give you the results you want.

A little amount of skin oil is good for protecting your skin from dust and UV rays. But because this charcoal mask’s pulling power is so strong, it might strip you of what little protection you have. We recommend using lighter, milder sheet masks, particularly ones without activated charcoal as the main ingredient.

  • Things can get messy.

One common complaint of sheet masks is that it has too much serum in the packet. It’s the same situation for the Garnier SkinActive Super Purifying Charcoal Sheet Mask. You may notice a pool of serum at the bottom of your package, or if you’re not careful, you might make a mess when you use it.

We recommend reusing the excess fluid and applying it to your face, neck, and other parts of your body that might need a little hydration, like elbows and backs of the arms. 

You can always cleanse your skin and apply the mask in the shower if you typically take 15-20 minute showers.  Just make sure you don’t rinse your skin after removal.

  • It’s absolutely not an all-in-one fix if you have skin issues.

While the Garnier SkinActive Super Purifying Charcoal Sheet Mask is a three in one product, that doesn’t mean it can solve all your skin problems. Skincare takes a bit of experimentation to see the best results. Not everyone’s skin is the same. We may have different skin problems that need other skin solutions.

There is no magic bullet to your skin problems. And because of this, you may have to find other products that work best for your skin, or you may even have to work with a licensed dermatologist to find what works best for you.

We think that the Garnier SkinActive Super Purifying Charcoal Sheet Mask is worth a shot if you need to purify and detox your skin. We hope you give it a try.

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