HETIME Revitalizing & Hydrating Face Mask Review

When you walk through the men’s section aisle of the beauty store, you may notice that it is significantly smaller than the women’s. And that there is a severe lack of sheet masks made for men. Forcing men all over to steal from the sheet masks from the women of their lives. But the problem there is, men’s skin needs are far different from that of a woman’s.

Dubbed as the “first time machine for your face!” by their creators, the HETIME revitalizing and hydrating face mask promises to return your skin to its younger self. Men’s skin is usually thinker and has a higher collagen density compared to women. Because of this, men don’t develop wrinkles as fast as women do, but when they do, it’s deeper and more stubborn.

Before you order one online or rush to the beauty shop to get some, let’s first discuss the features, benefits, pros, and cons. 


The HETIME team took this into account and developed a serum formula that would penetrate into the male skin and encourage immediate collagen regeneration. This stops the development of wrinkles, keeping your skin from looking ten years older than your actual age.

Natural ingredients

When talking about men’s facial care, people usually think about using harsher, chemical-based products. While there is some logic to this kind of thinking, HETIME believes the opposite is true. Men don’t have to be subjected to harmful chemicals just to achieve that healthy, glowing skin.

Many natural ingredients, since they do not contain excessive fillers or irritants, perform better than their traditional counterparts. And while the first attempt may seem to function better with certain chemical ingredients, the toxic chemicals that make your skin feel cleaner may actually cause harm over the long term.

Half-face design

HETIME took the time to design their Revitalizing Face Mask with the bearded man in mind. Their half-face design is perfect for the mustachioed man, keeping your facial hair dry when you use this face mask. 

Because the face mask only covers the cheeks, nose, and forehead, this mask is handy for men with a jam-packed schedule and needs to get stuff done. No more sitting still for 20 minutes just to get the mask to work. You could do so many things while your skin gets pampered. 

Environment friendly

This face mask helps keep your skin healthy and it also enables you to reduce environmental damage. Chemical-based products usually destroy whole ecosystems once they seep into the ground or go down the drain.


Items made from conventionally processed ingredients may have a detrimental effect on the climate. Those chemicals, and many more, are put into the air and water by producing chemical-heavy beauty goods, and many more go down the drain in your own home. When natural beauty products are organically farmed and processed, fewer contaminants are placed in the air and water.

Promotes skin hydration.

The HETIME Revitalizing & Hydration mask works by pushing ingredients deeper and closer into the skin, infusing the pores, and allowing more of the substance to soak up the skin. With ingredients like Frankincense Oil, Green Tea, and Coconut Water that promote hydration by attracting moisture to your skin and trapping it in your pores.

The coconut water naturally moisturizes without adding any excess oil to your skin. The presence of potassium helps with hydration balance for the fluids and electrolyte levels in your body. There are a few vitamins in green tea, including vitamin E, which is renowned for its ability to nourish and moisturize the skin.

Gives your skin a new kind of glow.

Achieving that dewy, radiant glow comes from proper skin hydration. When your skin is fully moisturized, it reflects light and UV rays from the sun, giving you that youthful glow. The mask locks in the moisturizing elements of the serums in your pores.

Frankincense oil has natural astringent properties meaning it balances oil production while “tightening” the skin. Controlled oil production means your skin will lose that greasy look and instead give you a nice shine. 

Reduces your face’s fine lines.

By encouraging the reproduction of collagen you lost during the day, the HETIME Revitalizing & Hydration mask tightens your skin, therefore, reducing fine lines and the development of wrinkles. Because of men’s high collagen density, fine lines are usually made under the skin, where you won’t see it.

The mask penetrates deep under the thick male skin and works their magic to plump up the skin and close up the fine lines before they show. The HETIME Revitalizing & Hydration mask is perfect for winding down after a long day at work.

You can really see how the HETIME Revitalizing & Hydration mask could help you keep your skin healthy and glowing. But no product is flawless, and we’re here to tell you its pros and cons.


  • Great for guys on the go.

The HETIME Revitalizing & Hydration mask is often tiny and lightweight. Usually, it comes in handy sachets, ideal for men. Eat while you’re out on business or vacation, give your skin the super-charged strength of a face mask. In your hotel room, on a plane, or even around your friends? Why not take with you the power!

With the half-face mask design, you can do so many things while relaxing your skin that it gets the pampering it needs. Perfect for those out of town work functions. You can get some work done and finish making presentations while your skin receives the glow it needs so you can be prepared to face people the next day.

  • Double up

We all know how men love multifunctional products. Men love getting more than their money’s worth from two in one shampoo and conditioners to multipurpose car cleaners. Then this product should be on every man’s shopping list.

As a start, face masks do a great job of detoxing the skin. However, it’s only half the story as they also facilitate regeneration of skin cells and brighten the new and healthy skin that you have just revealed with detoxification. This double-up effect really hits your six-piece grooming gremlins and leaves you fully revitalized.

  • It helps you relax.

Face masks do not only give results that enhance the skin’s overall appearance, but they can also be very therapeutic. This is a face mask that is sure to lift your spirit by stimulating your skin’s senses when they are infused with aromatic essential oils like mint and rosemary. It should be treated as a luxury to use a face mask.

It can also be an amazingly de-stressing experience to practice the excellence of face masks. As well as eliminating tension from the skin, as you surrender to the grooming gods, let all the stress from your whole body go. To keep your alpha male status intact and really take advantage of their de-stressing elements, why not take the day off, put your feet up and grab a cold beer?


  • You probably need more than one mask.

Your skin has various needs, and for you to keep up a good skincare routine, you need to give the skin exactly what it needs. Usually, the skin has more than one need. Our skin is never in a fixed state. There are changes in the environment, hormones, and mood that affect the skin. The result? You will need different masks at different times to combat different skin concerns.

This is where multi-masking comes in. You might need a hydrating mask, a clarifying mask the day of a workout, or an exfoliating mask when you need to slough off those dead skin cells. If your skin is combination skin, then you will need a mask for each part of your face. This can become a lot of work. 

  • Bacteria can easily grow in it.

If you use a mask that needs to be taken out of a tub, this can happen, and you use your finger to get the mask out rather than using the tiny mask spatula. We know how dirty fingers can be, and if you dip your fingers into the mask frequently to scoop the contents out, then you’re doing a disservice to yourself.

You transfer all that bacteria into your mask when you scoop it. When you close the door, it is left in a humid position where mold or bacteria of all kinds will flourish. Furthermore, if you keep it in your wet, humid bathroom, you can make it worse.

  • You probably need an application tool.

Your fingers are pretty dirty from all the things they touch and do all throughout the day. Washing our hands is something that is taught to us, but many people will forget to do this. It’s definitely among the most important things we need to do to keep clean. If you don’t keep your hands clean, you can transfer bacteria from your hands onto your face. 

Not washing your hands can also transfer pore-clogging dirt/oils onto your face. The alternative is to use an application tool. If you fall into the category above, we strongly suggest using a flat foundation or a mask applicator brush to apply your face mask. The face brush will not only prevent you from transferring dirt onto your face, but it will also be a more precise way of applying your face mask.

We have presented you all of the facts and pros and cons, and ultimately it’s up to you if you want glowing skin made possible by HETIME’s revitalizing and moisturizing mask. The options men have when it comes to facial care are limited, but the options are golden, even if that’s the case. But we still think that the HETIME mask is worth a shot. 

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