Dermal Korea Collagen Essence Review

Korea has been at the forefront of the skincare industry for a while now. They have given us well-known skincare brands like TonyMoly, Etude House, Cosrx, and so many others. And even if you’re not a skincare aficionado, you may have seen some sheet masks on the shelves of Sephora.

Now while not a major international skincare company Derma Korea has made some fantastic sheet masks that will be a massive help to your skincare game, their sheet masks are filled with nutrients and essences that we’ll talk about as we go further.

Derma Korea collagen essence is a bit basic.

If you have some significant skincare needs like wrinkles, then using this sheet mask might not be enough. The Dermal Korea collagen essence is made for quick fixes and a substitute for going to an actual skin clinic. If you have some mild acne problems, dry skin, blackheads, whiteheads, oily skin, or some other simple skin issues, then this sheet mask is just for you.


The Dermal Korea Collagen Essence is very easy to use and apply, which means you don’t need to know a lot about skincare to use this. Most skin-care products are too technical even some experts find using them very cumbersome. Sometimes you just want to slap on a nice relaxing sheet mask at the end of a very long day. But thanks to its easy to use design and handy packaging, having a facial at home has never been easier. 

It is suitable for all skin types.

Even though the Collagen Essence works best on oily skin, it works remarkably well for all skin types. So even if you have combination skin or dry skin, you can rest easy and slap this on for supple, radiant skin.

Collagen replenishes the moisture needed and balances the moisture barrier of the skin. In particular, aging or damaged (irritated, sunburned, or acne-prone) skin needs it.

The mask comes in great packaging.

The packaging for the Dermal Korea Collagen Essence is exquisite and pleasing. With a picture of the star ingredient on a matching foil packet. It has a full ingredient list, and its instructions are written in both Korean and English. It was beneficial for people like me who can’t read Hangul.

The packages were smaller than the masks itself, which is an excellent thing for people who like to keep things neat and tidy since it saves storage space, and it isn’t such an eyesore to look at in your skincare cabinet. Thanks to convenient pre-cut tabs, the packet opens quickly. A wet sheet mask made of thick cotton material is seen inside. This seems it carries more essence than thinner sheet masks.

This mask works great for your eyes.

The eye area isn’t cut out entirely. You can fold over the “flap” of the eye to cover your closed eyelids if necessary. This is the first sheet mask brand that I’ve noticed to do this, and it’s a pretty useful feature.

This is great for days when you just want to lie down and relax with a Dermal Korea Collagen Essence sheet mask in absolute peace. Of course, you fold the flaps underneath when there’s just too much to do. Without any problems, this allows you to open your eyes and get some work done.


The ingredients are really where Korean face masks shine. The material is pretty impressive when reviewing the ingredient lists for these Korean face masks. The list of ingredients is short, but it packs a punch. The ingredients include Hydrolyzed Collagen, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice, Portulaca Oleracea Extract, Beta-glucan, Panthenol, Tocopheryl Acetate, Polysorbate 80, Disodium Edta, Xanthan Gum, Methylparaben, Scent, Water, Glycerin, Butylene Glycol, Special Ingredient Extract (rose water for the rose sheet mask, strawberry essence for the strawberry sheet mask, etc.)

You’ll be delighted to see that the ingredients advertised were so high on the list. This means a large percentage of the material is made up of them. Recognized skin soothers and restoratives are the addition of both collagen and Aloe Vera juice. These are ingredients you’d be happy to find.

It gives outstanding results on all types of skin.

For most products, the quality of the results seem to go down the more complicated your skin is. Either the serum won’t adhere to your skin or the chemicals in the product are too harsh. However, for the Dermal Korea Sheet Mask, that’s no problem. It’s the closest thing we have for an all-around skincare product.

The mask fits on all face types.

The shape of the mask is what you’d expect it to be, and it might fit some people better than others. This is because of the wide range of face shapes and sizes people have. It’s no wonder why everyone who has tried the Dermal Korea Collagen Essence sheet mask loves it. It gets excellent reviews like “new favorite sheet mask,” “great sheet mask,” “most relaxed I’ve been.” So let’s learn what makes the Dermal Korea Collagen essence sheet mask so great.


The Dermal Korea sheet mask comes in many different scents and variants. This particular set includes Acerola, Red Ginseng, Strawberry, Honey Grapefruit, Rose, Grape, Apricot, Wine, Cherry Blossoms, Olive, Bamboo, Milk, Bee Venom, Pomegranate, Acai Berry, and Aqua. So you can have different scented face masks every day.

If you still aren’t convinced and you need a more comprehensive reason to get the Dermal Korea sheet mask here is a list of pros and cons. This is here for you so you can form a fair and unbiased opinion on the product.


  • Glowing skin

Glowing skin is the first of the advantages of the Korean face mask. As soon as you take the face mask off after the necessary period, you see it. What makes your skin more beautiful, then? What gives your skin the most beautiful and natural pop? Well, by improving blood circulation just below the surface of the skin, perfection is achieved. Many individuals do not favor the use of face masks; many individuals do not prefer the use of face masks. Then its removal allows the blood vessels to expand. This facilitates a constant and increased flow of blood under the skin.

  • Clean pores

Another advantage of using face masks is how deep it can clean your pores. Washing your face with water and simply wiping it off isn’t enough, all that dust and pollution your face is exposed to might still be in your pores. When it comes to deep cleaning and getting rid of all the impurities, the Dermal Korea Collagen face mask is the best in the game. Not only does it clean your skin by taking out impurities, but it also nourishes and hydrates the skin. By opening up your pores, the mask allows your skin to breathe and absorb the nutrients.

  • Versatile utility

Face masks are so versatile in the sense that you can use them in any step of your skincare routine. Either as a first step to open your pores and get rid of the dirt that has accumulated on your face or as a last step to give your skin that last boost it needs.

While this sheet mask is versatile and can be used by almost everyone, we can’t deny that this product is not for everyone. Either they are looking for better results, or their skin doesn’t agree with some of the ingredients.


  • Too sensitive skin

Maybe your skin is a bit too sensitive and may not respond positively to this product. I advise that you take a look at the ingredients before you purchase this sheet mask. Please don’t buy anything that might harm you.

  • Results are not permanent

The results aren’t long-lasting, and the serum is only skin deep, so don’t expect facial quality skin after a couple uses them. If what you want is something more, you might need to see a dermatologist or find a skin clinic that will cater to your needs. 

  • Not all products pass quality control

Another downside to the Dermal Korea Collagen face mask is that it can be a bit of a mess. Some packets have more serum in them than others, so some of the contents will inevitably spill out and make a mess. Have tissues or a clean cloth close by so you can wipe the spilled serum right back on to the mask.

  • Contributes to more waste

Because it’s a single-use product, the environmental cost is also an issue. If reducing the amount of waste you make is something important to you, I would suggest using wash off masks instead. 

  • Application is a hassle

For this sheet mask to give you the most of what it can offer you must stay absolutely still or you risk the mask falling off. Can you imagine lying still for 20 minutes just to get your mask to stick? 

Now that you have been presented with both the pros and cons we hope that you have a better understanding of the product. Even though there are some certain faults in the Dermal Korea Collagen Face Mask we think that the pros outweigh the cons but the decision is still up to you.

The multitude of scents and variants is a nice touch. With how easy it is to use, the effects it can give you, and the price, the Dermal Korea Collagen Face Mask is a must-have in your skincare kit. 

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