Hadaka Gold Mask Review

The Hadaka Gold Mask is the ultimate collagen-boosting sheet mask. The core ingredient in the Hadaka mask is gold that works on all skin types. In recent years, gold has become the magic ingredient in the best skin care creams and serums around the world. With gold’s ability to transform skin that is dull or dry, into the skin that is hydrated and glowing. 

Many people prefer easy to use, no mess sheet masks like this Hadaka Gold Mask because it is a cost effective way to experience the youthful benefits gold has to offer.  No longer do you need several serums and creams cluttering your bathroom to do what this one gold mask can do.  

If you find that you need a collagen boost with some added hydration and glow, then the Hadaka gold mask is a strong contender.  It has powerful ingredients that many women turn to for their self care regimen.  This won’t replace a trip to the spa so if you have severe aging issues, don’t expect them to be fixed with this sheet mask.  What we do love is the boost this gold mask delivers for the price.  The simplicity and ease of use will put a smile on your face.  

Hadaka Gold Mask Features

The Hadaka gold mask is really capable of tackling dull, dry skin in 30 minutes.  The plum seed extract, hyaluronic acid, malic acid and glycerine all work synergistically to give you hydrated, glowing skin after just one use. Gold, grape seed extract, Vitamin A help boost collagen and elastin to fight the signs of aging.

There are 3 types of Hadaka’s 24KT masks which differ in shape and size. This is something that’s unique about Hadaka’s gold masks. In this way, you are able to perfectly fit the desired area of treatment. Whether you want to treat only your eyes, lips, or the whole face, it is now possible with Hadaka’s 24KT gold masks. 

The 3 types of Hadaka’s 24KT masks include:

  • 24K Gold Eye Mask
    • Best used when doing your makeup to hydrate the area under the eyes leading to brighter skin
    • Reusable up to 2-3 times
    • Can be used daily
  • 24K Gold Lip Mask
    • Best used before makeup application for prepping and priming the lips for your desired color
    • Apply it for 20 minutes for hydrated and plumped lips
    • Fights against dry, cracked, or peeling lips
    • No need to rinse
  • 24K Gold Face Mask
    • Reusable up to 2-3 times
    • Infused with collagen and rich antioxidants for all skin types to achieve refreshed skin
    • Mask for all skin types

If you are too confused on which of the three masks to get, they also have the 24KT Gold mask trio, which lets you have everything in one pack. 

With Hadaka’s tagline, “Give your skin the care it deserves”, you’ll learn what Hadaka has to offer in their Hadaka’s gold masks. 

Ultimate collagen boost

Collagen is a protein that is natural to the body. As you age, your body produces less collagen. This helps to contribute to dry skin, fine lines and wrinkles. 

When collagen is applied topically to the skin, it replaces dead skin cells and also helps support your skin elasticity. This will then make your skin look firmer and smoother. Collagen also stimulates the renewal and repair of skin cells. It is what keeps your skin from sagging. 

Retinol or Vitamin A is also one of the ingredients of this mask that stimulates collagen production. Research has shown that Vitamin A reduces the appearance of wrinkles when applied topically.  But that’s not all because Vitamin A plays many roles in skin health.  It helps the production of new skin cells.  This helps keep the skin from becoming dry. It also helps acne and is an effective exfoliator of dead skin cells. 

The reviews are positive about the collagen boost you get from Hadaka’s 24KT gold mask.

Cleopatra’s weapon – Activated Gold

Cleopatra helped popularize gold as a luxury ingredient in skin care.  What is Hadaka’s 24KT gold mask without the activated gold itself? Activated gold has many benefits, which you can experience by using this mask. 

What are these benefits?

Gold is touted to increase blood circulation. This can lead to the increased metabolism of skin cells, which maintains the moisture level of your skin. 

Gold has a brightening effect on skin since the particles are reflective.  This helps skin have a dewy, hydrated effect.  

Unfortunately, there is no hard science to prove exactly what gold does in the skin.  However, several of the top dermatology and cosmetic surgeons swear by its benefits. 

It is said that gold restores your skin’s lost elasticity tissues leaving you with firm and toned skin. You will also have the benefit of protection from sun damage using this mask since melanin production is reduced. Melanin is what creates sun spots and discoloration from sun damage.

Promotes elasticity and moisture

There are many ingredients in the gold mask that are hand-picked to promote skin elasticity and moisture. They are Grape Seed extract, plum seed extract, and glycerin.  

Grape seeds are a good source of vitamin E and C, and flavonoids, which are antioxidants. These are known to improve the texture of the skin and have anti-aging effects. 

Soften and smooth skin

Grape seed is rich in Vitamin E. This vitamin is found in the skin cell membranes and it helps the cells hold on to moisture creating softer, smoother skin. 

Grape seed extract has anti-inflammatory properties due to the antioxidant power and malic acid. Malic acid helps exfoliate the top part of the skin and restores its moisture. 

When skin becomes moisturized, this allows better penetration of other ingredients. Aside from the skin’s moisture and better absorption, grape seed also helps the skin’s texture and restores skin discoloration. 

Banish dry skin with plum 

The Plum Seed extract is an under the radar ingredient that is poised to be the next big trend.  Dr. Joshua Zeichner, board-certified dermatologist, said this about plum seed,  “It has both skin-hydrating and anti-inflammatory properties. Fatty acids help seal in cracks in the outer skin layer, while the antioxidants calm free radical damage to protect the skin and help promote healthy collagen production to strengthen the skin foundation and fight the appearance of lines and wrinkles.”

The great thing about this is that it is non-greasy and is easily absorbed by the skin locking in that moisture. 

Glycerin is another moisturizing agent that helps trap moisture. This is done by drawing water from the air. It is one of the most common moisturizing agents that is present in hydrating skincare products. 

The other ingredients that also help retain and promote moisture are oat peptide, glyceryl stearate, and propylene glycol, are found in this gold mask. 

Sugar to fight premature aging 

Many people see the ingredient in this Hadaka gold mask and wonder what it is. Trehalose is sugar from plants that is known to fight premature signs of aging. It has antioxidant properties that slows down the signs of aging. When applied topically to the skin, it helps retain moisture. 

Binds 1000x its weight in water

Hyaluronic acid is another ingredient that slows down the aging process. It is one of the best moisture binding ingredients known in skin care.  It helps prevents fine lines and wrinkles. At the same time, it protects the skin from environmental stressors like pollution, dust, and smoke. 

Easy to use

Are you ready to achieve all these features in less than 30 minutes? Here’s how:

Thoroughly clean your face and dry it. Remove the mask from its packaging and apply it to either eyes, face, or lips. Leave the mask for 25 to 30 minutes while sitting or relaxing on your back. 

Once the time has passed, remove the mask and gently massage until the moisture is absorbed. Remember not to rinse your face after removal. It’s that simple!


The company makes impressive choices on sustainability. All of their products, including the gold masks are all-natural, cruelty-free, and are wild-harvested ingredients. This is why they take pride in the noticeable results that they deliver. Also, they are being eco-friendly on their packaging. For example, Hadaka’s 24KT gold masks do not use single-use plastic. 

Did you know that each ingredient of Hadaka’s gold masks is hand-picked all over the world to give the best results? Hadaka’s 24KT gold face mask is the ultimate collagen boosting face mask that transforms your dull skin into hydrated and refreshed skin. Plus, it is suited for all skin types. 

The Pros and Cons:


  • 24KT gold nanotechnology
  • Protection from sun damage
  • Stimulates collagen
  • Reduces fine lines
  • Hydrates and refreshes
  • Smooths and Softens
  • Specified cut for the area of usage
  • 2 to 3 times reusable (for the face mask and eye mask)
    Sustainable company
  • Paraben-free


  • Depending on face shape, the mask may have to be pressed around the area where the eyes and nose meet. 
  • More expensive than many sheet masks

Hadaka Gold Mask Review Final Verdict

If you are exposed to the sun and want to reduce the appearance of fine lines, hydrate your skin, boost collagen, and achieve brighter-looking skin, the Hadaka gold mask will fit your needs.

With the amount of collagen and gold present in this mask, you’ll surely understand why this is a favorite gold sheet mask that can be used a couple of times. 

Plus, if you want to spot treat, you have the option to choose if you want to receive these benefits only on your eyes, lips, or whole face. Overall, this is a really good sheet mask and the price is on point.  Recommended. 

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